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A Basket Full Of ThemA Basket Full Of
Were You Going SomewhereWere You Going
Pet MePet Me
Invisible Saxophone Invisible Saxophone
Sleeping With The PlantsSleeping With The
Julie SleepingJulie Sleeping
Playing DeadPlaying Dead
Not Happy To See YouNot Happy To See
A Party HuhA Party Huh
Mmmm BaconMmmm Bacon
Do Not Let Me Out AgainDo Not Let Me Out
I Love No I HateI Love No I Hate
Licking My FaceLicking My Face
I Am This BigI Am This Big
No No No No No WakeyNo No No No No
For Help Getting DownFor Help Getting
Oh My GodddddOh My Goddddd
Get That Camera Out Of HereGet That Camera Out
Asleep In The CheeseAsleep In The
Posing In The CarPosing In The Car
I Got You NowI Got You Now
A Mini BurritoA Mini Burrito
Give Me A Hug HumanGive Me A Hug Human
I Wants RiceI Wants Rice
This Is My Drawer NowThis Is My Drawer
Fuzz CatFuzz Cat
Cats Cats CatsCats Cats Cats

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