The Best Indoor Cages for Your Cat of 2021

Cats are cunning, sweet, and gorgeous animals that make the perfect addition to any family dynamic. Although we would prefer never to have to cage our little fur babies, it is sometimes unavoidable.  For instance, you may need to contain your cat at nighttime, when you’re away, if they are ill, while litter training, or if there’s trouble between pets. Nonetheless, the experience can still be a positive one for your cat with the right cat playpen. 

Make sure you have the space to accommodate

Nothing is more disappointing than finding the perfect indoor cage for your cat and finding out it doesn’t fit where you want it to. The best way to avoid that devastation is by measuring the area you intend to put the cage and matching it to cage sizes. To make things a little easier, here are the details of the best indoor cages for your cat.

Shop the best indoor cages for your cat

Your cat deserves nothing but the best, so consider nothing but the best indoor cages for your cat. 

Product Title Bullets Product Link Score Award
Prevue Pet Products 43 1/4″ (L) x 25 1/4″ (W) x 65 34″ (H) 9.6 Best Overall
VIVOHOME 32″(L) x 22″(W) x 49″(H) 9.4 Best Mid Range
Dkeli 33″(L) x 22″(W) x 67″(H) 9.0 Cheaper Choice
KINGBO 31″ (L) x 22″ (W) x 54″ (H) 8.9

Prevue Pet Products Premium/Deluxe Cat Home, Black

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Paw friendly design - No gaps or pinch points
Heavy duty, rust-resistant construction
Two extra large hammocks and two lock-in platforms included
Exceptional engineering makes this cat cage easy to...

If you aren’t on a budget and you’ve got the extra money to spend, Prevue is an excellent option for an indoor cage for your cat. It’s the most accessible option because it has four big door entrances for your cat to climb and jump through. Great news! The four big doors make clean-up quick and easy too. It’s also very spacious and fits up to three kittens, so if you have more than one furry baby, there’s room to share. You can also expect the setup process to be simple and straightforward, with no extra tools necessary. 

VIVOHOME 4-Tier 49 Inch Collapsible Metal Cat Kitten Ferret Cage 360° 

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CREATIVE DESIGN - Apart from 4 tiers and 3 ramps, VIVOHOME collapsible cat cage is also equipped with a hanging hammack and a soft mat, just like a amusement park for the lovely cats. Large enouge ...

VIVOHOME isn’t as expensive or as large as Prevue, but it has many other benefits to its purchase. First, it comes equipped with a hanging hammock and a soft mat included, so it’s two fewer accessories you’ll have to buy separately. Clean-up is also the easiest with VIVOHOME’s cat playpen because it includes wheels with effortless 360 swivel abilities and shelving/trays that are removable for a quick wash. Not to mention, there’s still plenty of room for cat play and shenanigans for a reasonable price.

Dkeli Cat Cage Pet Playpen Cat Crate Kennels Large 3-Tier 

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🎄🎄【Fun & Spacious Activity House】our cat cage with fun activities for your cat to climb,jump,play and even to sleep or lounge on, just like a amusement park. Even if you are not here, they will be ...

Dkeli’s cat cage is your second biggest cage for a more budget-friendly price. You can expect plenty of room for playtime with the peace of mind that your cat’s cage is safe and sturdy. You’ll love how long-lasting this cage will be. It’s made of strong metal wire featuring a black E-coat finish to prevent rust. Even better, you’ll also get a FREE hammock, two cat resting platforms, and two metal ladders. It’s the perfect little play area for your cat!

KINGBO Large 4-Tier Cat Kitten Cage Playpen Box Kennel Crate Home

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Extra Large Cat Home – This wire cage is best ideal for 1 to 3 kittens, the dimension is 31” L x 22” W x 54” H and max distance between two bars is about 1.2” so it can also suitable for small pets...

KINGBO is your most expensive option, but it also has the best gadgets and additions compared to the other three. Unfortunately, it is also the smallest cage, but three cats will still fit in this cat playpen (just not as roomy). It has four oversized doors that offer the best experience in cleaning and cat playtime. The metal is high strength wire that is heavy duty and rust-resistant, as well as wheels so you can move it around without lifting. One of the best additions is the four complimentary comfy pads to make your cat more comfortable when moving around. 

Tips on using your cat’s indoor cage

Keep it temporary

Remember, our adorable furry cats and kittens choose to share our homes with us, but they are, first and foremost, wild. Indoor cages can keep them and our valuables safe when necessary, but it should only be a short-term solution. 

According to Animal Path, cat experts recommend that a cat stay no more than six hours in a crate. 

Patiently introduce your cat to their cage 

Cats can be stubborn, and humans can be impatient. It’s normal, but the more relaxed you both are when introducing your cat to their cage, the easier the experience will be. Cats aren’t used to being contained, so they’re likely to put up a fair fight and claw at you when you try.

Cats are prone to stress and anxiety, too, so consider these two suggestions when introducing your cat to their new playpen:

Keep it on your cat’s terms 

When you’re in an uncomfortable situation, you will likely want to approach it on your own terms. It’s no different for your cat. The cage is a new environment that can be intimidating initially, but the newness will begin to fade if you slowly introduce them to it. Your cat’s instincts to explore will kick in, and they will become familiar with the playpen in no time.

What’s a play area without cool toys and gadgets?

Of course, toys and other gadgets are a great way to entice your little fur babies to go into the cat playpen. Moreover, it’ll make their overall experience more enjoyable. I recommend hanging toys and rope from the cage to encourage exercise when limited to the cage. Otherwise, some great toy options to inspire you are interactive swimming robot fish toys, mouse hunt cat toy, tower of tracks cat toys, and the Fishy Fun Crinkle Catnip toy.

Litter training

According to ASPCA, animal experts say that at least 10% of all cats develop elimination problems, and some stop using the box altogether or only use their boxes for urination or defecation but not for both. If you are having this problem, know that you are not alone! Litter training can last longer than you may expect, sometimes up to a month. However, the problem will be solved with a lot of patience and persistence.

A helpful tip for litter training is to provide yummy food and tasty treats with the cage and litter location, so your cat associates good things in that area to make them comfortable and relaxed.

Know what you’re looking for

There are many options for just about anything you plan to purchase. Knowing what you’re looking for helps shorten the list and guide you through your shopping experience. 

Consider these three elements of the best indoor cages on the market:


It’s important that your cat’s indoor cage is durable to withstand cat claws and playful shenanigans. Otherwise, you risk safety hazards like collapsing and getting stuck. Or, you could be forced to shop around for cages again sooner than you planned.

Suitable space

Cats love to move around and play, so consider a cage with a lot of space that still fits in its designated area. You want to make your cat’s playpen experience as comfortable as possible. The best solution is a cage with multiple levels.


It’s not always ideal to have your cat’s indoor cage sitting out all the time. Luckily, some cages fold in for easy storage and spatial convenience.