Top 7 Cat Water Fountains of 2021 (And Why They are Worth Buying!)

Do you have a cat who likes to drink from the faucet? Unbeknownst to many, cats love the taste of fresh water. They avoid standing water, which tastes “stale” to them. 

Savvy cat owners understand this, and their purchases of cat fountains have fueled a rising trend in recent years. If you’re looking for a cat fountain for your favorite feline, there are now a plethora of choices on the market.

Considerations for our reviews

Pet fountains come in a variety of capacities. If you only have one or two cats and are home regularly, the capacity is less of an issue.

However, if you plan to be away for a couple of days, you should consider a larger capacity fountain.

Let’s take a look at some of the most dependable models and consider their benefits. We highly recommend cat fountains that provide clean, filtered water throughout the day.

An old favorite: the drinkwell original pet water fountain

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Water capacity: 50 ounce. water capacity is great for cats and small dogs
Encourages drinking: Free-falling stream entices pets to drink more water
Filtered water: Includes replaceable carbon water...

The Drinkwell by PetSafe is an old staple. In fact, Drinkwell was the first to popularize drinking fountains for cats. Its innovative vision has given rise to newer, more sophisticated models. 

This original unit remains a good value while earning consistent points for its performance.

When compared with newer products, the original Drinkwell may seem a little bulky. However, its 1.4-liter size is perfect for kittens or smaller cats. In response to demand, the company added an additional 1.4-liter tank. Pet parents say the new 2.8-liter capacity is great for larger cats.

The original Drinkwell, like all PetSafe cat fountains which have followed, is made of BPA-free ceramic and is safe for pets. It provides a constant stream of free-falling water that attracts feline attention and motivates frequent drinking.

A modern update: the drinkwell pagoda pet water fountain

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Water Capacity: 70 Oz. Water Capacity Is Great For Cats And Small To Medium Sized Dogs
Encourages Drinking: Dual Free Falling Streams Add Oxygen For Freshness And Encourage Pets To Drink More Water...

PetSafe continues to introduce new fountains to the market, and the Drinkwell Pagoda is one we highly recommend. With its sleek rectangular design, the Pagoda is certainly more attractive than the Original. It’s available in four gorgeous colors: Taupe, Stoneware Red, Himalayan Blue, and Porcelain White.

The Pagoda holds two liters of water and is perfect for two or three cats. There are two water streams instead of one, producing a pleasant sound that appeals to cats. 

Along with an upper and lower receptacle, there are several inviting options for drinking. Pet parents will appreciate the quiet, low-voltage pump, which keeps the water circulating and fresh.

Cleaning up is a breeze although there are a few hard-to-reach areas. The Pagoda also uses charcoal filters (removable for cleaning). Be sure to replace the filter on a regular basis. To keep your cat fountain sparkling clean, we recommend the Drinkwell Fountain Cleaning Kit.

A heavy-duty option: the drinkwell platinum cat water fountain

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Bundle includes: PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain and Carbon Replacement Filters (3 pack)
168 ounce water capacity is great for pets of all sizes
Free-falling water stream entices pets to dr...

For a multi-cat household, this is your best choice. It has a 4.8-liter capacity, is reliable, and looks great.

The Platinum uses carbon filters. The unit itself is a bit difficult to clean. But, with its double-filter system, it doesn’t require cleaning as often.

The Drinkwell Platinum has a five-inch water stream, making it a fun choice for a drink. Best of all, the water pump allows you to adjust the water flow to your cat’s satisfaction. The unit is quiet, with water cascading down a ramp into the built-in reservoir. 

Like other PetSafe fountains, the Drinkwell Platinum is a quality unit. We highly recommend this as well as the Original and Pagoda units.

A classic favorite: catit water fountain

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Cat fountain features 3 different water flow settings for picky drinkers and offers maximum oxygenation for fresher, better tasting cat water; the unique design filters water so that it always stay...

Most cat fountain reviews place the Catit Water Fountain at the top of their list. We agree.

The Catit Water Fountain is easy to clean. If you aren’t mechanically inclined, you’ll love this hassle-free unit. The triple-action filter on the fountain also works efficiently, removing debris, odors, and hazardous chemicals. 

The Catit Water Fountain is more lightweight than the Drinkwell fountains. Note that well-built, larger cats can push it over. However, you can prevent this by filling the fountain to the top. We find the Catit fountain one of the best around — affordable, easy to assemble, and reliable.

Stainless-steel water dynamo: the parner cat water fountain

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😺【Stainless Steel Top & BPA-free Bowl】 Parner pet fountain comes with a stainless steel top that keeps water cool, makes cats drink more water. The food-grade stainless steel and BPA free PP resin ...

We really like this Parner unit. The stainless-steel bowl is safe and keeps water cool and fresh tasting. It has a 2.5-liter water tank, great for a one or two-cat home. No need to open the tank: an LED water-level window reveals when water needs to be added.

The Parner fountain has a quiet pump which allows it to be used almost anywhere in the home. Periodic cleaning will help the pump maintain a longer life span. Like others, this unit has a charcoal filter, which efficiently removes hair, dirt, and food particles. 

There are four water modes: flower waterfall, T-type waterfall, flower bubble, and gentle fountain. Use the mode that best appeals to your cat.

The gentle water stream, coupled with the bright coloring, attracts cats to the fountain. Reviewers say that they saw a corresponding improvement in their pet’s health after purchasing the fountain.

A reliable option: the wonder creature cat water fountain

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3 carbon filters, 1 foam filter, 2 brushes, 1 mat and stainless steel top: High grade stainless steel top is unbreakable, durable and easy to clean. Stainless steel top is hygienic and dishwasher-s...

When we compare the Wonder Creature fountain with the Parner unit, we really can’t rate one higher than the other. In fact, we recommend both. 

The Wonder Creature fountain is made from food-grade materials, including the stainless-steel top, which is durable and easy to clean.

This unit has a two-stage circulating filtration system. The filters are made of cotton layers with coconut shell activated carbons and ion-exchange resins. The unit offers three drinking modes.

The Wonder Creature also features a transparent water-level window with LED lighting, so you can easily see if it needs a refill. The LED lighting also makes it easy for your cat to get a drink in the night.

A recent release: DINGQU Lotus Cat Water Fountain

The DINGQU Lotus Cat Water Fountain is now available in the United States. This unit features eight drinking areas: Four easy-flowing streams, three mini waterfalls, and one bubbling spring. Its elegance will take your breath away.

Because of its 0.9-gallon capacity and innovative pump system, the Miaustore fountain needs refilling less often. The fresh-flowing water also entices cats to drink more, reducing their risk of kidney infections and urinary tract diseases. 

There are no filters, and the unit is easy to clean. DINGQU Lotus Cat Water Fountain comes with a one-year guarantee. 

More than just a gizmo

Most cats aren’t fond of drinking from a bowl. Running water is much more attractive, hence many prefer drinking from the faucet. Cats especially enjoy the visual image and audible sound of running water.

Most cat fountains utilize charcoal filters, removing odors that can keep your cat from drinking water.

You may consider a water fountain an extravagance. However, your veterinarian will likely tell you that it can mean a world of difference to your cat’s health.

Why cats don’t like drinking from regular bowls:

We know the importance of drinking water. It’s just as important for pets. More water makes for a healthier urinary tract, preventing infections and chronic diseases. 

Getting your cats to drink more

If you want to stick with a bowl, be sure to keep it clean. Put fresh water in it every time you feed your cat. Cats avoid stagnant water that has been sitting for a while.

Above all, avoid using plastic bowls, which may contain chemicals or detergents. Choose ceramic, glass, or stainless steel, instead. If you’d like your cat to drink more water, a fountain may be helpful. 

Choose one that has efficient filters, so the water is free of foreign tastes and odors. You can be sure that the fountain’s fresh-flowing streams will catch your feline friend’s attention!

The limited upkeep of a water fountain

As they have increased in popularity, cat water fountains have become more affordable. In addition, the upkeep is surprisingly minimal.

A fountain is a much healthier choice for your cat. With a fountain filtration system in place, the water is continually being cleansed and oxygenated. 

Your fountain should generally be cleaned twice a week, however. In addition, carbon filters should be replaced every two months or so. This ensures that your fountain won’t be contaminated by chemicals or foreign substances. 

Regular cleaning of filters also protects fountains from being clogged with cat fur, food particles, and dust. Once the fountain is clogged, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, which can endanger your cat’s health.

Be sure to refer to your unit’s instruction sheet for specific maintenance recommendations.

Considerations when shopping for a fountain

You’ll want your cat water fountain to appeal to you as well as your cat. You also need to consider the size of your feline family and identify the type of filtration system it has (mechanical or chemical).

Mechanical filtration utilizes a sponge surrounding the pump. This sponge should be kept clean. The sponge’s lifespan depends on the manufacturer but needs regular replacement. Be sure to carefully refer to the instructions.

Meanwhile, chemical filtration utilizes a charcoal or carbon filter to absorb dirt and impurities. The filter isn’t harmful to cats but must be replaced regularly.

Fountains are easy to clean

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the specifics of cleaning the unit you’re considering. If cleaning is a complex process, you’re less likely to clean it as often as you should, which may end up jeopardizing your cat’s health. 

Look for quality

Don’t shortchange your cat. When considering cat fountains for purchase, you want to choose durable ones. Of course, normal wear and tear is an inevitability. However, some parts (such as tubing) will need regular replacement.

You can also expect to replace the pump every few years. Many cat fountains offer some type of warranty, especially for the pump. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the warranty, so you know what to expect.

Remember that, if you let the fountain run dry, it can burn out the unit after a period of time. The warranty likely won’t cover this. So, you’ll need to monitor your unit to ensure that the water doesn’t run low.

Appealing to your cat and you

While the main reason for considering a fountain is the health of your cat, you also want to make sure it’s appealing to you. Your new cat fountain is going to become a standard part of your living space decor. So, be sure to choose accordingly.