The Top 7 Cat Trees for Large and Small Cats of 2021

Anyone with a feline friend knows just how much they love to scale your furniture, hide in nooks, and scratch to their little heart’s content. As a proud cat owner, you are looking for ways to encourage your kitty’s natural instincts as safely as possible.

Finding the right cat tree for your cat can be a challenge with so many options available. Our guide will take you through the best cat trees for large cats and smaller cats. When choosing the best cat tree it is important to not only consider your cat’s preferences and activity levels but also their size. In order to ensure your cat gets the most out of their cat tree, you must find a product that meets their needs for sturdiness, materials, and height.

The Top Cat Trees for Large Cats, Small Cats, and Everything in Between

Best Overall

BEWISHOME 9.8 Check Price

Best Mid Range

MQ 9.4 Check Price

Cheaper Choice

Armarkat 9.2 Check Price

FEANDREA 9.0 Check Price

OOTORI 8.6 Check Price

Hey-brother 8.4 Check Price

Catry 8.2 Check Price

BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo Furniture

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ROOMY AND ENJOYABLE: 2 nicely cushioned and large platforms with raised edging for your fur babies to sit on and look out the window, 2 spacious hideaway houses with plenty of lounging room for you...

With five levels, two hiding spots, and two comfortable towers, this cat tree provides plenty of fun and alternative vantage points for your cat. This is also a great option for owners with multiple cats looking to provide space and options to avoid fights.

57-in Nova MQ Multi-Level Cat Tree

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MULTIPLE USE CAT TOWNHOUSE: Furnished with 2 cushioned viewing platforms, 2 spacious cat caves, 2 basket loungers, 1 removable cat hammock and 2 removeable dangle toy. In addition, a detailed manua...

This medium-sized cat tree has a little of everything to keep the kitties active and safe. Towers, play elements, enclosed resting spots, scratching posts at every turn, and an elevated nap basket will provide plenty of activity and fun each day.

Armarkat Classic Cat Tree 74-in

Check Price

Large Cat Tree Condo With Multiple Levels and two Condo House
Eco Friendly and Sturdy tower for cats to nap, and play
Overall Dimensions: 50"(L) x 26"(W) x 74"(H)
Easy to build up with tools and st...

With multiple perches and two hideaway condos for your cat’s enjoyment, this towering cat tree is a great option if you have the space available for it. Built-in play elements and two ramps allow for varied play and challenging obstacles to keep your pet entertained.

FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats

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WIDENED TOP PERCH: Plush and extra large top lounger with raised edge offers prime relaxation for your feline friends
THICKENED SCRATCH & STRETCH POSTS: Wrapped with natural sisal rope to allow nai...

If you are short on space but looking for a sturdy and safe structure to provide your cats with their own space, consider the FEANDREA Cat Tree design. At only 33″ tall and under 24″ wide, you can fit this nap palace in any spot to give your cats a place to relax, scratch, and rest.

OOTORI 66-in Multi-Level Cat Tree

Check Price

【Clever Design】-The multifunctional leisure area on the second floor of Cat Tree is the biggest highlight. The large game platform has a detachable feeding bowl and scratching board, allowing your ...

Whether you own one or multiple cats, this OOTORI cat tree has everything you need. A first-floor nook can provide a space for aging cats, while higher perches and towers give your energy-filled pets space to climb and explore. This structure even includes a built-in feeding bowl station.

61.5-in Hey-Bro Cat Tree Condo (Best Mid-Range)

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【CHECK OUT HIGHLIGHTS OF CAT TREE】Step-like jump multi-layer structure design; For more cats use; 2 roomy condos; 2 top large platform with internal extra-thick mat; Funny toys; Natural sisal rope....

A cat hammock, two condos, ropes, balls, towers, and comfortable plush make this a great mid-range cat tree. Available in three colors, its stable and compact design gives your cat plenty of vertical space without taking up too much realty in your home.  

Catry Large Activity Cat Tree

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Multi-level Cat Tree Tower with Laminated Wood and Soft Plush Fabric
Wooden platforms are easy to wipe clean, eliminating any chances of viruses or bacteria from breeding on the platforms.
4 level ...

If you’re looking for a minimalist look with an open and fun design to let your cats climb and explore, consider this basic but high-quality and sturdy, cat tree by Catry. Great for cats that like to climb and perch.

Choosing the Best Cat Tree Option for Your Large or Small Cat

Think of a cat tree as your cat’s fortress. This will be their personal space that they can use to play, scratch, climb, hide, exercise, and challenge themselves throughout the day. When it comes to cat trees, it is easy to get lost in the wide range of options available and go beyond your budget. Think about your overall budget, space availability, and your cat’s needs to help narrow down the choices for the best cat tree for your large, medium, or small cat.

How to Pick the Right Size Cat Tower

One of your first considerations when choosing a cat tree is how many cats are in your home. Cats can be territorial, and if you have multiple felines you may consider purchasing multiple cat trees or a larger structure that can happily accommodate your cat family.

Your next consideration must be the size of your cat. Larger or heavier cats require sturdy structures that can tolerate their weight. The larger the cat, the more vertical their desires might be. A fun challenge for a smaller cat may not be as appealing for a larger one.

Finally, take into account the activity levels and overall energy of your cat. If you have an overly active large cat, you should consider a sturdy and robust cat tree that challenges them while also focusing on durability and quality of material for their safety. For smaller cats or a lazy lion, it might be fine to choose a smaller structure that will still support their weight but may not be as intricate or challenging.

Best Materials for Cat Trees

The durability, sturdiness, and longevity of your cat tree are dependent on the quality of the materials used for the structure. Cat tree materials can include cardboard, plywood, plastic, and wood. The best material for cat trees for larger or more vertical structures is wood or plywood. This offers a safer solution for your cat, and is also a more visually appealing look. It will give you the best bang for your buck, lasting your kitty many years of fun and enrichment.

Do You Need a Cat Tree for Your Cat?

As a responsible and caring cat owner, you want to make sure that you not only care for your cat’s basic needs (like shelter, food, and water), but also provide an environment that encourages your pet to safely exercise, play, and engage in their natural feline behaviors. A cat tree is a wonderful solution to give your cats a structure within your home that they can call their own and take advantage of its many benefits.

A cat tree provides a number of benefits for your cat’s overall health and well-being including:

The Bottom Line on Cat Trees

You might think of a cat tree as just a luxury for your cat, but it is a safe and interactive space that your cat can claim as their own territory. A cat tree will encourage your cat to remain active and playful as they age, while giving them an outlet to express their cat instincts without causing damage to your furnishings or home.

Take your time to go over the best cat trees on the market in this guide and find the best fit to keep your cat happy, active, and entertained.